Sunday, July 1, 2012

Is Your City Making You Single?

Saw this article, "Is Your City Making You Single" and HAD to read it.  It mostly talked about DC, New York, and Los Angeles.  I guess I shouldn't look into moving to any of those cities.  The article said NY users make up 8% of all of users.  That's why I know so many people in NY who met their spouses on match!  The supply of girls is also pretty high in NY, also not a good thing because "everyone is looking out for someone for better."  That might apply to many other cities, but in NY, there actually is "better;" not the case with San Francisco.

DC is said to be quite good for coupling up, but it the reviews weren't exactly spectacular.  Why wasn't SF discussed?  Haha.  I said the same thing about SF (it's top ranked for singles, but that's probably a bad thing) years ago.

Dating and "proximity" are huge.  The term "geographically undesirable" didn't just sprout up for no good reason.  San Francisco is kinda spread out and when you factor in Silicon Valley, it's even more expansive.  I know people in the Mission who don't want to date people in Pacific Heights or the Marina because it's too far.  That can't be the only reason, the Mission is known for hipsters while Pac Heights is known for yuppies, and the Marina is known for frat/sorority life.  And, what to do about Silicon Valley?  I've been told that's where "all the guys are," but it's also 40 or so miles away.  Going to the Mission from Pac Heights doesn't sound so bad anymore, does it?  Well, that's if you like hipsters...

I actually think it boils down to if you meet the right person, geography will not matter (not talking about cross country here).  The issue is how to meet the right person.


  1. I complain about the lack of available men in SF, but I must say that I'm a total city girl - no car, slave to the Muni - and dating a guy that lives in Redwood City would be inconvenient. That said, how to meet the right person is the far more difficult question than dealing with a Caltrain commute to hang out with your boyfriend.

    I'm enjoying your blog!

  2. I don't have a car either. I think you'll find quite a few guys willing to come up to the city. Thanks for reading!