Saturday, October 29, 2011

Still Don't Get It

It's been months and I still don't get it.  This Guy never reached out to me.  Really?
  1. That doesn't happen to me (I am just telling it like it is, not an ego thing, just 98% of the time thing)
  2. He loves Asian girls (so, this is like a fat girl turning down cake)
  3. He said he would reach out to me (he really didn't need to say this if he didn't mean it)
Yeah, it bugs me a little because I didn't hear from him.  It shouldn't because we actually don't have much in common, probably don't have any chemistry, etc.  Out of his four hobbies, I hated three of them.  And I didn't like his voice.  I can be stupid, so if I ever heard from him, I probably would go out with him just to make sure he is really not the one for me.

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