Sunday, May 23, 2010


I am right and I have proof.  I always thought there was something off with The Brain while we were together.  He seemed like a philanderer.  Well, he is.  He cheated on his most recent girlfriend with me (I believe they are still together because she doesn't know).  No I will not tell her, it is not my place and I don't need the chaos that would ensue.

I don't know the new girl, but I feel for her.  The whole time he was telling her lies and making it seem like he was absolutely interested in her, he was calling me.  He will get his in the end, yes I believe in karma.

And remember how I talked about the axe falling in my last post?  Well, I do believe he sensed it because for the last few weeks (more like months) he was trying to get me back, he must have known the outlook was stormy.  He tried pretty hard in the standard passive San Francisco way.  He will not get me back, especially with this new information.

How does settling feel?  I don't know, someone should ask The Brain.

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