Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Friends Like These

With friends like these...three of The Brain's friends have asked me out since we broke up; I believe another one is about to.  One waited two days, one waited one week, one waited one and a half months, and the other has been sending out feelers for the last month or so.  The first guy, I turned down, but he has asked me out another three times since then.  The second guy, I played dumb.  The third guy, I turned into a group event...so, no it was not a date.  There is nothing wrong with these guys, I just don't find any of them attractive.  I have not had a problem dating guys I am not attracted to before, but that's what got me into this mess in the first place (dating someone because they meet all the criteria I am looking for).  I need to add attraction to the list.  For those who wonder about the fourth guy, I will go out with him if he asks.  I am not doing it to be unkind.  I could be interested in this fourth guy.  Okay, it doesn't hurt that it would kill The Brain if he found out...

The Brain's friends going after his ex girlfriend is incredulous!  That tells me either 1) his friends are disloyal jerks or 2) he is not that great of a friend and they can't wait to run him down.  My girls would never date a guy I used to date because they actually want to keep me as a friend (and live).  And I would never date a guy my girls have dated.

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