Thursday, May 27, 2010


Let's call this Part 3 of The Brain tale (what was wrong with him and us...I have to be specific because he is still hanging around).

The Brain was controlling and I am not the girl who is controlled.  He wanted a girlfriend who would blindly follow him around, never ask questions when things sounded peculiar, and agree with everything he said.  For those of you who actually know me, how well do you think I fit this profile?  Hah!!!  I am the polar opposite.  He thought he could change me; that worked, not at all actually.  I schooled him.  He wanted me to be weak and needy.  How can anyone want to spend their time with that?  How bad is his self esteem if he wants a girl who can't do anything for herself and makes him the center of her universe?

I am much happier without him; that really says something.  He was supposed to add, not subtract happiness from my life.  I see him about once a month, though it has been more recently (why he is orchestrating this, I don't know).  I should probably feel a little bad because he sees me one hundred times happier without him; well, that and because I know he is still in love with me.  I don't feel bad for him; this is part of growing up (which he hasn't fully done yet) and a lesson he needs to learn (not that I actually believe he will learn).

His current girl will serve as a patch.  Maybe they will end up together forever (not happily ever after...note the difference) because he wants someone he can control and she is easily controlled.  Just like you, I will tune into this soap...

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