Sunday, January 4, 2009

Out of Southern California

I am back from spending the holidays visiting family and friends in Southern California.

What did I do out there?
  • Met a bunch of new people
  • Went to Ecco Lounge in Hollywood. Met some folks including Roger Cross (Curtis from 24). The Hills was being filmed that evening...great. Hayden Panettiere (cheerleader from Heroes) was also present
  • Went to my brother's birthday party that lasted 12+ hours. Didn't sleep for at least 48 hours
  • A random douchebag (vs a douchebag I already know since I do know many douchebags...LOL) followed me around the bar 65% of the evening. I thought about kicking him in the junk
  • Enjoyed a holiday party at a different porn guy's million dollar mansion. Wow, wouldn't mind having a house like that
  • Visited a strip club and a couple of bars that reminded me of college
  • Met someone who could be the main character in Grand Theft Auto
  • Partied. If people knew how much I partied, they would probably want to check me into rehab...well, not that crew...

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