Monday, July 11, 2016


When I was younger, I loved drama. I think I still like it, to a lesser degree than before, but it's still there.  I think I get bored with this guy from time to time because there isn't much excitement.  And by excitement, I might mean roller coaster?  I know he is very into me.  I know he'd like to spend as much time with me as possible.  I know he'll do just about anything to make sure I'm happy, entertained, et al.  Yes ladies, after dating men who aren't like this, seems like a dream? 

Perhaps I get in this mood when I know a guy is too interested?  Of course, I want someone who is interested...interested and with an opinion?


  1. You seem to like the challenge/chase, which you are not getting here. I've historically been the same way, losing interest when the guy finally got attached. But I feel that if you're truly into someone, you'll find that sort of thing endearing instead of annoying and stifling. So, like others have suggested, are you just not that into him?

    And re: drama, I also get that. I find myself trying to create drama where there is none and have to ask myself why. It's not a great quality to have and will ultimately drive people away. Most men, at least, aren't into the drama.

    1. Hi TJ, yes, I might not be that into him. I'm going to think about it over he weekend. I used to think it was endearing, not anymore. But I don't think there's a person out there I'd find endearing until the end of time?

  2. Some relationships thrive on drama: the ups and downs, the fights and make-ups. Personally, it's not for me - I need that stability and reliability.

    A guy is only clingy and needy if you don't like him. If you really like a guy, like really and truly, you'll respond positively to his shows of interest.