Monday, January 26, 2015

CMB Pickiness By Degree

I think 20 people have emailed me this Coffee Meets Bagel post on pickiness and degrees.  From looking at this, these friends have said maybe we are single because we have masters degrees.  Apparently, years ago, we should have been working on our "MRS" degrees with our BAs.

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  1. Ugh no, stuff like this gives Princeton Mom fodder to make her ridiculous statements! There's a benefit to meeting your future spouse in college, a larger pool of like-minded people. But that is assuming you WANTED to meet someone then and that marriage was in your near future.

    I remember lots of people meeting in business school and getting married soon after. My class's age was 29 and it was an ideal time/location to meet someone.

    I think dating successfully (success defined as a long term relationship) is a factor of 1) being in the mindset to meet someone and have a serious relationship and 2) the pool of available partners at the time you decide to date.