Friday, July 18, 2014

Face To Face Interactions

Saw this on techcrunch a couple of weeks ago.  It talks about how people are having issues with face to face interactions.  Of course, I am going to ask, is this nationwide or mainly San Francisco/Silicon Valley issue?


  1. This is TOTALLY a San Francisco aspergers afflicted, socially awkward, tech thing. It's ironic because I just got back from hanging out downtown tonight. I was at Local Edition and I tried talking to a few girls and they acted like I was about to rob them. They pretty much kept to their tight circle and didn't talk to any other guys either.

    1. Hi J, sorry about your experience. I've seen this! And I've noticed guys and girls are pretty defensive when approached by people they don't know. Ugh, asperger and/or Peter Pan (for the guys and girls) in being highly vigilant about "stranger danger?"

    2. Ah don't be sorry for me. Be sorry for them! I was out of my element anyways being downtown. I belong in a more divey bar. :)

    3. Local Edition's non-happy hour crowd is.... interesting.

      When my girlfriends and I go out, we try to make ourselves approachable (usually no more than 3-4 of us in a group), yet no one approaches, so we've stopped using bars as a way to meet people.

    4. Yup, same here Sabrina, rarely approached in bars even when it's just me an another girl. Wait, we have been approached by non SF residents (guys in town on business from LA)