Monday, April 23, 2012

Jobs and Personalities

I wonder, how closely are personalities and jobs related?  If a guys is a very aggressive pitbull lawyer or investment banker, is he also a pitbull (aka sshole) outside of work?  Was thinking about this because I want a successful guy (duh), but I don't want the typical pr*ck personality that goes with success.

I knew a successful investment banker, a giant d*ck all around.  D*ck at work, d*ck to his friends, maybe nice to his mom, and that's about it.  He liked to agitate others (coworkers, friends, roommates) and was all around inconsiderate.

Need to give this some more thought.  There are always anomalies, but if personalities and jobs are tied very closely together, that would mean there are certain occupations to avoid like the plague.  This is also tough because I think age is also part of this equation.

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