Thursday, June 9, 2011

Okay, Time To Share

Okay, it is time to share my tale.  I tried out that site.  I went out with a guy.  Yes, I took all kinds of safety precautions (telling a couple of friends, giving them his phone number, telling them where, when, etc).  Went on a couple of dates.  First one for obvious reasons, I was paid around $100 + dinner.  The date was okay.  He is smart, makes about $1 million a year, perfect gentleman, etc.  Even though I found him totally unattractive, I went on a second date just to make sure there wasn't anything there.  There definitely wasn't anything there.  He was socially awkward, said bizarre things, asked too many very personal questions, answered his cell phone, blah blah.  I knew he would want to see me again.  I was trying to spare his feelings.  So, I was really boring and I mean REALLY boring.  I exhibited all signs of crazy too.  I thought this would work!

No, it didn't work.  He wants to see me again.  Yes, that explains my previous post.

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