Friday, August 1, 2014

Okay, Women Of New York

Okay, women of New York; I've heard a lot of complaints about the lack of men in NYC.  I'm quite surprised because several very successful men wanted to meet even though they knew I might not move back to NYC (and no, it didn't seem like their end goal was a one night stand).  If you think dating is bad in NY, I dare you to come to SF, I think you'll appreciate NY men more afterwards.

Although two out of three of my New York dates brought up their exes, the dates were still better than the ones I've had in SF because I wasn't interrogated.  They knew how to have a conversation versus asking a million questions (what do you do, where did you go to school, how long have you been living in San Francisco, where do you live, etc) for hours without taking a breath.  Also, the NY guys I met were more confident, so the guys didn't permeate nervous energy, which makes both parties really uncomfortable.


  1. Not very wise to judge an entire city's male population by the handful you met in person or talk with online. Besides, no guy is going to come out and say he just wants to hook up because you don't live in NYC... he wants to wine & dine you and then hopefully get you in bed, so he can feel like he "won" something. Besides, the fact that these guys wanted to date you knowing you may not move to NY is not a sign of their politeness, but rather their desperation for female company.

    But it sounds like NY is a better fit for someone as entitled as you.

    1. Hahaha, angry much? You forget that I used to live in NY and still have a lot of friends there (yes, a few are single women). So, if these guys are that desperate, then why are NY women complaining? Desperate men = shopping spree for the ladies.

      If you think I'm entitled for wanting the right guy for me, okay, sign me up!

      In the meantime, if you aren't in SF and have the chance, go out with at least one SF guy and tell me you usually see worse in whatever city you are based

    2. I'm based in SF but originally from Omaha. been here 3 years, single for 2 by choice, dated around for a bit and now have been seeing someone for 4 months exclusively. We're both lawyers.

    3. Glad that you found a nice guy. How did you meet? Do you live in the city? I've heard dating is better in Marin, SV, and East Bay...doing some research

    4. Yeah we both live in the city. We met because he went to law school with my colleague. I didn't really consider dating anyone outside of SF unless maybe they lived Oakland. Everything else is too suburbs for me...that's why I left the Plains!

    5. Thanks for the info! From my pretty unscientific poll, work and meeting through friends and family are still the best ways

    6. I know a lot of long-term couples who successfully met online, in SF. One through Tinder of all things. Wouldn't rule out online, just be more open minded.

    7. That's great, hope to be one of them! Maybe I should long into Tinder