Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Topping This

Unfortunately, I've been giving The Brain some thought.  He's always trying to top this (find a cooler girl than me), fails, and comes around my way.  Yes there are two sides to this:
  1. I can be flattered because he always comes around my way
  2. I can be annoyed because this has gone on for YEARS and that would imply he thinks I am just okay if he thinks he can top this and fails
I really want to stop thinking about this stuff (usually happens right after I see him, otherwise, out of sight, out of mind) and "go with the flow."  It's not like I am putting my life on hold waiting for him, but I also haven't met any spectacular new guys.


  1. What's keeping you from giving him another chance?

    1. He hasn't officially asked for another chance. I also don't know if he has changed.