Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This Past Saturday

Almost forgot about this!  Went out this past Saturday night with some friends (guys and girls).  Of course, the guys stood around talking about sports while the girls were on the dance floor.  I can be a little mean at times, usually due to a guy is touchy and grabby guy. 

This guy on the dance floor kept coming super close to me, even though I kept moving away.  Then he tried to touch my arm and I glared at him.  Then he was behind me trying to dance up on me.  Then he wanted to shake my hand, I refused.

Guy:  You won't even shake my hand?
Me:  NO!
Guy:  That's really rude
Me:  Really rude is trying to dance up on me, grab my arm, and shake my hand when I have made it ridiculously clear that I want nothing to do with you
Guy:  So, do you have a boyfriend?
Me:  Yes (I lied and pointed to our crew of guys)
Guy:  Which one?
Me:  Leave me alone, you're really f*cking annoying
He was then dragged away by his friend

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