Sunday, March 18, 2012


Judgement/judgmental/judging are all words that piss me off.  I think there is mass confusion out there on what it means to be judgmental vs selective.  For example:
  1. Deciding someone is a "bad" person because they spent time in the pokey
  2. Not wanting to date someone because they served time and not assuming the guy/girl is a "bad" person
See the difference?  I don't label people "bad" based on how they spend their time, their occupation, etc.  However, that also doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to use these as criteria when selecting a guy.  It's as simple as, I am not making any assumptions related to their character.  I am just selecting guys based on things that I know are important to me.

In case this still isn't sitting well with you.  Another example, this one is for the guys:
  1. Girls that wear short skirts are slutty
  2. I don't want to date girls who wear short skirts
Number one assumes something about a girl's character based on her skirt length.  Number two simply states a man's preference in dating women that wear longer skirts or pants.  Number two does not assume anything about women that wear short skirts.

Some of the most ridiculous items directed at me:
  • Sleeping in is stupid and a waste of time (f*ck you, I love sleeping in and I am not telling you how to live your life)
  • You/that is disgusting.  I can't believe you are eating that (f*ck you, if I wanted your opinion/judgement, I would ask you)
  • How could you...?  (that question is just loaded with judgement)

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