Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Bad

My bad, I haven't logged in since my last post over a month ago.  I have 150 unread emails.  Totally plan on getting to them!

I posted some comments people left for me.  One was from a post I wrote back in December about Valley Guy.  Gosh,  the comment guy sounds mad...a little too mad.  Hitting too close to home?  Here are some of my favorite lines with my commentary:
  • The entries on this blog paint the portrait of a woman who is unbelievably condescending, narcissistic, judgmental, shallow, rude, and self-entitled.
    • I would agree with condescending and rude (at times, I am not always condescending and rude, but look at what I am working with here)!  Some of you readers actually know me in real life, so it's quite humorous that I am being called narcissistic, judgmental, shallow, and self-entitled
  • Their only crime seems to be that they possess some ridiculously unimportant "flaw" that is a automatic dealbreaker for you ("too short" "didn't go to a good enough college", etc).
    • I think the guy may have gone to a sh*tty college and is probably short.  Well, his comment was pretty well written, so he probably went to a good college and is short
    • Listen, we are all trying to find the "right" person.  My "right" person went to a good school and is taller than me.  I don't go around telling people that the characteristics they are interested in finding are "unimportant."  Pal with the long comment seems like he is judging me, wouldn't you say?  Er hem, hypocrite!!!
  • You also seem to have an irrationally supreme belief in your own universal appeal to the opposite sex - even in one entry assuming without question that you could immediately break up an existing couple (Surfer Guy and his girlfriend), despite knowing next to nothing about the state of their relationship. Do you really consider yourself such an catch that any man would just leave his existing partner for a chance with you?  
    • Yes, the opportunity has presented itself several times.  Two of the guys were married with kids; one of those had a newborn.  Of course, I turned them down!  As for Surfer Guy, he has made it abundantly clear late last year.  No thanks.
  • The reason you're having so much trouble is because you are competing with girls who are, frankly, better/nicer people than you are.
    • This guy definitely doesn't know me, I don't compete and I never said I was nice!

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