Monday, December 26, 2011

Sucks To Be Her

I was at a cocktail party.  Knowing me, I was not in cocktail attire since I just had a full day of work.  I didn't even have on proper footwear unless athletic footwear is proper for a cocktail party.  I was standing on the outskirts of the party activity.  A guy approached me and started talking to me.  He was tall, pretty cute, and gay?  Apparently, I was wrong on the gay part (starting to see a trend here).  His girlfriend walked up to us (I didn't know it was his girlfriend until later).

Girlfriend:  Oh how do you two know each other
Me:  Standing around in this very spot.  How did you two meet?
Girlfriend doesn't say anything, ignores the question, gets one of her guy friends to talk to me and pulls the tall not gay guy away.
She starts making out with him (this is the part where I figure out he isn't gay).

Sucks to be her though to know her guy is standing around at parties making conversation with other girls.  I wasn't even trying to steal her man, imagine if I was...great that i can do it regardless of the setting and my attire.

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