Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CNN Talks Online Dating

Read this article today.  Hilarious!

While we are on the topic, let's talk about online dating.  I have a stalker and might be crazy.  Red flags include:
  1. He wants to know where I went to school, where I am from, where I work, where I live, etc.  With technology these days, it's a bit too easy to figure out my identity.
  2. He has my number and always calls when he sees me online
  3. He has sent me over 15 texts with me only replying to two (early on)
  4. He texts me at hours I deem inappropriate to see where I am
  5. Did I mention I have not seen him in person and don't plan on it either?  Safety first kids


  1. Yuppers. That sounds bad. Desktop dating is dead, girl! There's a new app launching in the US in a couple of weeks that filters out peeps like this quick smart. Want to test drive it? It's free. Hey, I might pull a few strings and get you the pick of the best guys in SF. Tweet me @joelinex or email

  2. How about this one: