Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I think I have been referred to as "her" a lot over the past week.  I met The Brain's girlfriend.  She watched me all night.  Then I decided to really give her a show by talking to and touching her boyfriend.  It's true, I wouldn't have done it if she 1) wasn't watching me or 2) wasn't there at all.  Okay, I know you want to slap the Scarlet A on me, but The Brain didn't seem to mind.  Anyone else think it's strange that The Brain ignored his girlfriend most of the night?

It would be interesting if she stumbles on my blog and figures out my identity.  My chances of getting struck by lightening are higher than this happening since she is not the smartest girl out there.

The Brain is looking for a sign from me...any sign based on the questions he was asking.  If I wanted him back or wanted him to drop his girlfriend, I know he would.  I would hate to be her; glad I am not.

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