Thursday, October 25, 2012


Smart Guy talks a big game; it's all talk!  He's good at telling me he wants another chance and all that jazz.  Pay attention to actions not words.  The level of effort he has shown in person has consistently decreased over the past two dates.  He has:
  • Had a lot of s*ht in his teeth (a lot)
  • Worn paint splattered clothing
  • Worn pants with a hole so big I knew the pattern on his boxers
  • Eaten half a sandwich I was still working on
  • Not tried to plan engaging date activities
  • Talked about two if not three different ex girlfriends
  • Complained about everything
  • Whined, yes whined

1 comment:

  1. He sounds like a giant loser, Adventuresaurus Girl :) Also, I've heard many times over that you should always believe what a guy does and not what he says!