Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Back To Dating In SF

No more east coast trips (or trips in general) scheduled for the rest of 2014 (of course, this can change).  So, back to dating in SF.  I am still cutting back on the amount of time I plan to invest.  Have not been able to meet up with two SF guys over the last 3+ weeks because our schedules haven't matched up.  Honestly, not excited about either of these guys.


  1. I keep myself overly busy after work and on weekends to curb the loneliness I feel about being single (when the majority of my friends are coupled up). But then when it takes me a month to schedule a first date that ends up being a bust, I wonder if I should make myself more open to dates. Not last minute dates, but not schedule myself up so that I'm never available.

    1. I am with you on taking a while to schedule a first date and being very underwhelmed by the date. Also trying to be more open to dates, it's tough though when I've been on so many bad ones, lol.

      Alone time is great though! You can do whatever you want when you want