Thursday, August 28, 2014

Oh, Again?

Oh, again?  The guys I've met and have actually gone out with (on more than two dates) just don't get it.  Someone liked me on OkCupid today.  It was...Valley Guy.  Yeah, I don't think so, thanks.  What's even more interesting?  He's the same age as he was three years ago (and he was already lying back then).  He's in his mid 40s (possibly late 40s), not late 30s as he claims to be.  And, he's also using the same photo which taken 20 years ago.


  1. Sigh. When will men learn we will find out the truth sooner or later? It doesn't behoove them to lie.

    So I thought of you yesterday. I was at Aventine for a coworker's happy hour fundraiser, feeling completely out of my element, surrounded by FiDiGuys. :) You should also know that you inspired me to start working on my blog again, after I mistakenly linked to my _other_ blog while commenting on your other post.

    1. How were the FiDi guys?

      Nice! Just visited your blog, lol, west coast people do seem flakier than east coast people

    2. I like Aventine's happy hour! BUt I went there a few years ago with my brother and his wife, visiting from Chicago, and the first thing my brother commented is how men in SF all stand in groups talking to each other and ignoring women. And no wonder I was still single. Thanks, bro! :)

    3. SF guys standing in groups not talking to women is something I see all the time, for sure, bad for dating