Tuesday, August 26, 2014

That Poor Girl

Over the weekend, I was standing in line outside a busy brunch spot.  There was a young couple behind me (maybe early or mid 20s) and I couldn't help, but overhear what was being said.  The guy was a total dck and loud.  Some the things he condescendingly said to her:
  • You've only been here once?  You go on and on about this place like you are a regular.  Was that one time really that great?  That one time does not make you a regular, you know?
  • Well, that's not very descriptive (she was describing some dish).  Your description was horrible.  Were you just trying to do a really sh*tty job describing it?
  • Do you even know what we should order?
  • This wasn't well thought out on your part
  • This line is so long, I better not get a ticket 
She couldn't get him off her back and asked him if he wanted to wait in the car.  He said no (which was really terrible, not just for her, but for everyone in this line).  By the way, she was on the verge of tears (I'm guessing from anger, I'd be pissed).

That poor girl.  She can do better, no one deserves to be criticized for 30 minutes straight.  She was also way cuter than him.


  1. A lot of us (myself included in my past) stay in relationships with assholes because we're insecure or feel like we don't deserve better. It's tragic to witness and even worse to be in. But being told "you deserve better" generally falls on deaf ears... I've been told it and I only bought it when I started believing it about myself.

    1. Sorry, Sabrina, that stinks. Don't worry, it's not just you! I've gone out with some sshles when I was younger because liked the excitement. Think most girls have at least one sshle story/guy

  2. Agreed. I was in a 10-year relationship with a very manipulative man (whom everyone loved, go figure), and it was only once I moved to SF and got out of that "bubble" that I realized I was totally brainwashed. Abuse comes in many forms and, unfortunately, this girl is going to have to realize on her own that she shouldn't put up with that.

    By the way, have you read either of these two blogs? Pretty good dating blogs if you ask me:


    http://100datesofsummer.tumblr.com/ (though this girl met her current bf partway through her experience so didn't finish)

    1. Sorry to hear that, TJ. It's great that you got away from him!