Thursday, August 14, 2014

Another Horrible Date

And, that was another horrible date.  My dating hiatus has been very useful because instead of being angry by this horrible date, I feel nothing.  The guy was smart and was trying to be nice and sociable.

The minute I saw him, I knew it would never work; he lied about his height and might be shorter than me.  Other reasons the date sucked:
  • He was late
  • He kept looking at my chest (I wasn't even wearing a low cut shirt)
  • He talked about work and basically told me his resume (this was about 80% of the date)
  • He actually asked, "When was your last relationship?  Why did it end?  How long were you together?  How did you meet?  How would you raise your kids?"
  • He didn't pick up on the fact (or he just didn't care) that I didn't want to answer those questions and kept going back to them every time I changed the subject
  • He kept giving me unsolicited advice (if I were you, I'd...)
  • He was trying to project his interests on me (no really, you'd like scotch, why don't you like scotch, are you sure you don't like scotch)


  1. Sounds like an intense date!

  2. What questions did you ask him?

    1. He mentioned he lived in NY. I asked, "How long were you out there?" I also asked him, "How are you?" when we first saw each other. Yup, that's it and there was no dead air, he filled all of it

  3. I have girlfriends who always ask the "when was your last relationship?" and "do you want kids?" question on date 1. I personally never do because I don't want to know about the past, and people can change their minds about kids either way. But for my friends, it helps them weed out guys who clearly don't want the same things.

    1. How does it work out for your friends? I've heard from guys to never ever ever do this because it scares them and might convey desperation. I've also heard from some guys that they will of course say they want to get married and have lots of kids because it gets them laid.

      I personally don't ask about the last relationship, kids, marriage, etc because 1) I haven't even decided if he could be future potential, so what do I care about his intentions and 2) even if he says he's all about finding the one and getting married, he could be lying, so what's the point.

    2. I never do. I think a lot of men think they want a casual thing and then they meet the woman who inspires them to commit. That's how I'd rather be.

      It helps my friends rule out men who aren't even thinking of kids, because some if my friends are in their 30s and want them soon. So I can completely get that.

  4. I agree with ag. This person is a complete stranger. Actions speak louder than words. If he says he wants to be in a relationship but doesn't act upon it then who cares what he says