Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Change Him?

I am not a woman who believes it's possible to change a man.  One of my girl friends has been trying to change her man for two years.  I don't think men change, take him as he is or leave him. 

Better yet, ask yourself, do his good characteristics outweigh him leaving wet towels on the bed, his fantasy football obsession, or his gun collection?  See the bigger picture, these are small "problems."  Serious drug issue, fine.  Wet towels might not seem as big of a deal, right?

I'm sure there are things about you he doesn't fully embrace...he might be seeing the bigger picture.


  1. How is she trying to change him?

    I think that if you're trying to change someone, that person isn't right for you. If it's little things, like wet towels on the bed, and they're not willing to make any effort to compromise, then they aren't right for you either (because they suck).

    Small things you can definitely let go, because nobody is perfect. And, like you said, I'd want it to be mutual. If small things about me bother him, I'd hope he would accept those things and love me anyway. If he does, I'd be willing to hang that wet towel. ;)

    1. Hi TJ! She does a lot of the "I wish he would..." and she'd tell him. When he didn't "fix" the issue, she'd act passive aggressively.

      If I found a guy who was great (for me) and didn't know how to hang a wet towel, I'd be more than happy to hang it :)