Friday, May 30, 2014

Fundraiser At The Fairmont Hotel

I went to a superhero themed Leukemia Lymphoma fundraiser at The Fairmont Hotel last night.  Apparently, the gala/fashion show was thrown together in eight weeks.  They were a bit behind schedule, some parts were spotty (AV issues), but the turnout was great.  Lots of people.  So many people that they ran out of chairs for the fashion show portion of the evening.  Even a couple members of the Ferrari family were present.

Since, I do talk about dating in this blog, I'll just put it out there; I did not meet a guy I'd want to date.  Three men approached me.  Two guys were much older and might have kids who are older than me.  One guy was probably around my age, but creeped me out.  He was talking too close, blatantly trying to look down my dress, and did this really unnecessary arm brush (down to the hip where his hand then grazed my butt, and it was not the back of the hand).  He wanted to buy me a drink, but I ran off after the butt palming.  He approached me another two times in the evening.  The first time, I pretended I didn't hear him and picked up the pace.  The second time, I was trapped in a corner and he was trying to impress me with talks of how his company has raised a lot of venture capital money.  He might be a good business connection, but I don't know if I could endure his handsyness (made up word, yes).  If I do decide to try to be friends with this guy, I might tell him I'm a lesbian.

A lady was chit chatting with me, then tried to sell me insurance or maybe investments; I don't know, I walked away.  She wanted to add me on facebook too, uh, never!

Met a nice couple.  Much younger guy, much older gal.  I asked the how they met.  Online, either a French food connoisseurs board or French food connoisseurs niche dating site.  They seemed really into each other.

I met a nice lady who wants me to meet her niece.  The niece just moved back here from New York.  She was a really nice lady and hopefully her niece is also really sweet.  So yes, I will meet up with the niece and try to meet more people.  Many of my friends have moved away.  I also stopped talking to some friends because we've changed and have different interests now

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