Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco De Mayo

So, it's Cinco de Mayo, which I didn't even realize until I heard it on the radio.

Another holiday for Americans to get stupid...drunk...stupid drunk.  Bah humbug, no, I don't participate in nonsense "amateur night" holidays.


  1. Do you EVER have anything positive to say?! You can celebrate things without getting drunk. My friends and I grilled, and played board games. And yes, we life in SF, the city is not full of drunken douches like you project.

    1. Dear Anon,

      I agree, you can celebrate things without getting drunk. And yes, your night does sound fun. Unfortunately, 90% of the city disagrees with the not getting drunk thing. Since you stayed in, I'm going to assume you didn't see the madness that took place in bars across the city. I walked from the Financial District to North Beach; what a mess.

      Wow, hostile, I'm really hitting a nerve. Why so angry if it doesn't apply to you? No one is forcing you to visit this blog, so, feel free to stop reading whenever you like.


  2. I went to a block party in the FiDi and one of my friends met a guy who asked her out for this coming Saturday. Who knows if it will be a good date, but he's her type on paper (works in finance, Ivy League MBA), they chatted for a good 30 minutes, and he actually CALLED her to make the date.

    NY has their famous boozy brunches, Chicago has a big beer culture (and an awesome charity bar crawl called the Chiditorad with shopping carts)...where there's young professionals, there's going to be a drinking culture!

    1. Please keep us posted on your friend's date! I really want to know how it goes :)