Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Too Many Matches Is Overwhelming

Saw this article a couple of weeks ago.  I agree, too many matches is overwhelming.  And it's true, the more guys that email me, the less I respond.  Tinder may work for some, but not a fan.  Will continue logging in once a day and to see if it gets any better.


  1. When you have too many choices, you get overwhelmed and end up with nothing. It's no different than trying to buy yogurt at your corner store that 3 options versus Whole Foods, which has 30. Perhaps the stakes are higher with a future mate vs. yogurt, but it's true :)

    I'm impressed this woman found her future husband on CMB!

    1. Yup, too many options, not good at all. Maybe CMB works better in Chicago?

    2. Think it just depends on your criteria!

  2. So impressed with the article! I am curious to see how it works, but don't think the app has made its way over to the UK yet...