Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"So Obnoxious?"

I went to the Startup & Tech Mixer on Friday night at the W Hotel.  Valleywag said their last party was "so obnoxious" and I was hoping to find a really obnoxious party; I did not.  I've experienced much douchier nights in the the Marina.  And, the free food was pretty good.  To the best of my knowledge, this is how I'd describe the crowd:
  • 50% gay guys
  • 40% possibly straight guys (or European/hipsters/bisexual/straight and effeminate)
  • 6% girls who were totally decked out (short dresses, full makeup, high high heels)
  • 2% girls who were not totally decked out (casual attire)
  • 2% definitely straight guys
I'm not very tall, shorter than 5'4" and I noticed I was taller than 70% of the guys there.  I did some mingling, but spent most of my time listening to the guest speakers (and considering the crowd, I'm sure it was a much better and more interesting use of my time vs trying to meet a guy to date). A guy sitting next to me looked like he was having great difficultly finding a way to start a conversation with me, kept staring/fidgeting, blah blah, so I said, "Hi" so that he could get out whatever he had to say.


  1. I'm kind of curious why you go to these events? They always seem to turn out the same way.

    BTW, have you been to any weddings lately? I bring this up because I was at a wedding this weekend and met a couple of really cute girls. Unfortunately they were all around 25. A bit too young for my 40. But there were also a ton of eligible guys there. Maybe jump at the next wedding you get to go to. :D

    1. Hey J! Two reasons, 1) Wanted to see what all the hype was about, sorta hoping it'd be a sht show. 2) On the totally opposite side of the spectrum, hoping that it'd be a different crowd and there would be some great guys.

      I should crash weddings! That last one I went to, literally three single guys

    2. Maybe the two of you should crash weddings together? :)

      It's been a lifelong dream (if you can call it a 'dream') to crash a wedding and go 100% - completely blend in, befriend people, drink, dance, etc.