Saturday, June 21, 2014

Tinder Bandwagon

I'm now on the Tinder Bandwagon.  I just signed up about 15 minutes ago.  So far, there seem to be a lot of eligible bachelors (assuming messages are sent and dates are planned).  Not sure how this will turn out, but there have been some really cute guys.

I plan to log in and do some swiping for five minutes or so a day (I can only take so much).  We shall see.


  1. I always thought it was just a hook up app for 20 somethings.

  2. I also thought it was a 'hook-up' app, let me know how you get on!
    I've been on POF and that very much feels like a website version of what I thought Tinder was...

  3. We'll find out! I know of a 20 something couple, been together for six months. I've heard if a 30 something couple that's getting married

  4. 3 of my friends are in relationships via Tinder. 2 are relatively new (~6 weeks) but already exclusive. 1 is long distance and going strongly in the direction of marriage.

    I still think Tinder is a hookup app though. I don't want to use an app where I could be matched with people visiting for a few days or married men looking for random sex on business trips - I got propositioned once, the guy gave me his hotel room number!

  5. That is good to read all this...:)