Saturday, June 27, 2015

I Didn't Even Like Him

Many married women have told me "I didn't even like him" when we first met.  Yes, they are talking about their now husbands.  Maybe these men grew on these women or maybe these women settled.  As long as they are happy in/with their relationships, it doesn't matter.

When I first met New Leaf Guy, I liked him.  There was a spark on both our ends, perhaps that was because we made eye contact that lasted more than four minutes and that NYT article is sorta right (no, I did not fall in love at first sight).


  1. I've never heard anyone say they didn't like their SO at first. I've heard people who didn't see them "that way" until they got to know them, which makes sense if you're the type who places a lot of importance on a person's personality and values over looks. People become more attractive to you when you admire and respect them. And vice versa if the person is attractive but ends up having a bad personality. They become ugly. I'm pretty sure we've all discussed this before though!

    1. Hi TJ, yes, we have discussed personality making someone more or less attractive. I have one friend who says, "I wanted nothing to do with him." Another friend said, "I didn't even like him enough to be his friend" et al