Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Not A Good Match

Even though I wanted to cancel very badly, I went out with that irritating comments and questions guy.  (The guy we've discussed via comments in my last post.)  We are not a good match.  The food was good.  The conversation was long and drawn out.  He might not have been aware of social cues?  He didn't seem to notice or care when my eyes were glazing over.  I told him we had to leave after the waiter walked by the fifth time.

I had already known I wouldn't be seeing him again when he first walked in.  His pictures must have been ten years old.  Instead of getting up and leaving, I treated him like a friend of a friend - I'm friendly to friends of friends even if I don't like them because I assume I might see them again.  This guy was buying dinner, friendly is the polite thing to do.  Anyway, the conversation topics he brought up did not help him:
  • Terrible ex wife
  • Deceased parents
  • Hobbies I have no interest in
  • Unsolicited life advice
  • His many women friends (he even wanted to show me photos of them)
  • Men who are interested in me (no, I didn't answer when he KEPT pressing)
  • Roommate or no roommate (none of his business, he won't be finding out...ever)
  • Future vacation spots we could go on together (WHAT???)
  • My looks and how I look much better in person than in my pictures (Thanks?)
At the end of the date, after he tried to extend the evening by proposing coffee.  No.  He then asked me when I'd be free to see him again.  I said, "It's unlikely."  He asked, "Why? Because of work?"  I told him the cold hard truth, "We are not a good match."  He seemed to appreciate my honesty?  He was gracious and a man about it.  I liked that, but not enough to offer friendship or another date.

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