Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Aziz Ansari's Book

I finished that book by Aziz Ansari, Modern Romance.  What I believe to be the main points:
  1. Hi, Hey, Heyyyy, et al don't work (what I've always said)
  2. Meet as soon as possible (agree)
  3. Too many choices makes it harder to choose (I've talked about this before)
  4. Treat people as people, not just pictures on a screen
  5. Go on an interesting date, not the standard drinks, movie, or meal
  6. Don't snoop 
I agree with five of these.  I'd like to agree with all six, but I'm not sure about #5.  If I were to agree to go on "an interesting date," which lasted longer than a standard date, and he turned out to be a bust, I would not be happy.  The risk seems a bit too high with that one.

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