Thursday, December 8, 2016

Strong Answer

I went on that date with Travel Guy last night.  We went to a very popular restaurant in downtown SF.  The food was great. I like that he's a calm guy.  He doesn't appear to have huge swings in emotions.  And, our conversations don't feel forced (like some dates I've been on with other guys).

I told him I'm not ready for a relationship and when I am, I'm not sure if it would be him.  He told me that's fine, he'd like to keep seeing me, and hopes I change my mind.  That's a strong answer.  It could indicate that he's not very into me either, which would be perfect.  I enjoy his friendship and perhaps that's the same way he feels about me.


  1. you know who i am and we know each other, you live in the mission district we are good friends, why not to continue our friendship open to me and you'll see how i will treat you better and better you know that i am trying hard to get something better and we to be happy together you know how much we like each other, i know your mom and your brother, as i said before i don't care what you have done wrong i want to help you by all means, you help me i help you i am nice with you so you know i could give you the best love loyal and true for the rest of your life. life is more simple than what you are pursuing, being simple and humble is better eventually gets you feel better and find happiness true happiness, what do you say send me an email or call me