Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Wouldn't Call This A Hangover

I don't consider myself "hungover," I prefer "tired." Nothing hurts, but I could probably fall asleep standing.

The networking event at last night was horrendous. Lots of really old guys and uber dorks (think pocket protectors). Saw a couple of the doctors from a couple of months ago, but not the cute ones.

Went to Circa, Matrix Fillmore, and Mauna Loa in the Marina after the event with roomie and some of his friends. Some d*chebag tried to get me to talk to him by elbowing me. I kicked him and he thought he was getting somewhere. Classy. A bunch of other guys were staring at me, hoping I would look in their direction. Too bad for them, I am great at looking oblivious.

Yup, staying in tonight.

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