Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Feel Like I Am Back In New York

It's hot out and I like to wear shorts when it's hot. I have had 8 people honk and shout at me from their cars in the 10 minutes I spent outside today. I feel like I am back in New York.


  1. How the hell is it shorts weather in SF and 48 degrees in NY??!!
    Sorry I haven't posted sooner, but I actually have been keeping up with your adventures (it's done nicely to fill in the void while Grey's Anatomy & Desperate Houswives were on hiatus!).
    I hope all is well with you; it certainly sounds like you've been having fun.
    I've gottten things settled down (for the most part) with my parents. I have gotten the house pretty much cleaned out (48 years of stuff laying around), reno'd and ready for sale, although my father is dead-set against it.
    Despite being told a year ago by the Doc that my mother was in the final stages of Parkenson's, she is still hanging on. At this point the only thing she can still do for herself is swallow, and even that needs coaxing sometimes. I've hired a staff (several times over as my father tends to have a problem with just about all of them) and will have live-in help for them starting next month (I hope).
    Given all that, I have now started to job hunt (perfect timing) although to be quite honest, I almost don't care about working anymore, though that's not an option for ever - - maybe I'm just emotionally drained, I don't know...
    Anyway, how's things with you on the work front? Have you found anything yet? If you put in as much effort and creativity in to the job hunt as you do the man hunt, I'm quite sure you'll find what you are looking for (in both scenarios).
    Now for the more important stuff:
    Was surprised to see that you might not be totally up for partying (for once) when your friend comes to town. Well dear, even Gidget grew up, so I guess now it was your turn!
    I'm sure you already have, but definitely tell Skater guy to take a hike. After all, YOU have a rule not to date dick-wads.
    And I totally agree with you on the guys & girls "let's be friends" thing. That's just a guys way of saying give me a chance to wear you down/monopolize your free time so you can't date much/I'll talk down all the guys that might be "competition" but encourage you on the ones that are A-holes so that you don't realize my master plan.
    Well, its 3am - when will I learn not to have coffee after 10pm - and I either need to go to bed or load the dishwasher.
    Which reminds me of something you said in an old posting that pissed me off (mostly because it was true) - you referred to an "old guy" that you were guessing was over 40 - bitch!
    Anyway, off I go.
    Take care,
    P.S. I discoverd that you were right about scallion cream cheese.

  2. Joe,

    It's sooooo great to hear from you! I am a bit drunk, so I hope this makes sense... I am definitely having fun ;) There is not much out here in terms of jobs since I am totally done with retail (Gap HQ is out here), but there are a ton of boys out here.

    I am really sorry to hear about your mom. I have no doubt that you will find a job if you want one. How about you move out to SF?!?! If you don't want a job, marry rich :)

    I absolutely told skater guy to fck off :) You are sooo right about guy "friends" that trash the competition and push me towards @ssholes to further their master plan.

    LOL, you do NOT look 40...

    Move out to SF!!
    Adventuresaurus Girl