Saturday, November 1, 2014

That Didn't Work

Seriously, every time I swear off dating, I end up going on even more dates than normal.  I have four dates this week.  That one on Thursday, brunch earlier today, coffee and lunch tomorrow (two different guys).

The brunch today was okay.  He didn't tell me he expected me to put out soon, so that's a huge improvement.  He didn't grill me, which was awesome.  I don't think we have chemistry and don't find him attractive, but if he asks, I'll go out with him again because I didn't leave the date wanting to kill myself.

Now, tomorrow...I will keep the coffee date and I'm about to send an email to cancel the lunch date.  Why?  We spoke on the phone, and he seems utterly clueless and I feel like it would be one of those dates where I would be grilled and annoyed.  Also, I smell his desperation and just don't see it working.

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