Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Q&A: How Can You Tell If A Girl Is Desperate?

Oooooohhh, a question. Fun! This is from a guy in his early 30s.

How can you tell a girl if a girl is desperate?

Um, can I just say it seems like he wants to use this for his benefit, not to screen out desperate girls, but to date them? I will share this because he wants to use this knowledge for good (as in snap up and marry a desperate girl) vs. banging desperate girls left and right because they are easy prey.

10 Ways to tell if a girl is desperate or getting desperate:
  1. She is near or over 30
  2. All her girlfriends (and maybe even guy friends) are married
  3. She isn't dating anyone great
  4. She hasn't dated anyone great in decades
  5. Her younger sibling(s), cousins, friend's younger siblings, etc are married
  6. Her last ex(es) married the girl(s) right after her
  7. She is not as selective in the quality of her suitors as she used to be
  8. She is looking better these days (starts working out, dresses better, wears more makeup, etc) even to places like the gym
  9. She is partaking in speed and online dating, especially eHarmony
  10. She starts watching sports even though she has no interest


  1. Thanks for the above. What a well articulated and poignant process to determine if a girl is desperate. I think this applies to a lot of women - I want to send it to them but I just don't have the heart.


  2. Goodfella, will you use this for good or evil?

    I think you should come up with a "How to tell if a guy is desperate" top 10 list for me :)

  3. I will "circle-back" with this list. I just have to figure out who is desperate and jot down 10 things about this dude.