Sunday, May 10, 2009


I am speechless.  Last night was interesting to say the least...  I did not go out with the roomie.  Dance Guy called me to meet up with him and his crew.  I brought Vicki.  I didn't realize it was going to be a setup, but that became clear when I saw the couples and a lone Rocketman.

At the first bar, I spent most of the time talking to Dance Guy and Vicki while Rocketman stared at me.  At the second bar, Dance Guy suggested me and Rocketman go on an outing sometime, Rocketman dropped the ball.  The boys got hungry and wanted to eat.  Dance Guy was sweet and grabbed me and Vicki some food even though we weren't hungry.  Rocketman bailed early with the others, so Dance Guy, Vicki, and I continued our evening at the third bar.

Even though Dance Guy is taken on the DL (and yes, I am not supposed to know about this), it seems like he is curious about me. He wants to have a chat with Rocketman (sounds like my roomie and Odie).  Apparently, Rocketman is also known for having 0 initiative. What is with the guys in SF??  I told Dance Guy it was fun and we should do it again (notice how I was intentionally vague...didn't specify who "we" encompasses, I'll leave that up to his interpretation); he agreed.

I do not want Rocketman to ask me out just yet...I don't think I know him well enough right now.  I would like to see them all collectively at least one more time to monitor his behavior towards me and gauge his interest level.  Rocketman is my type physically.  Dance Guy is really funny and knows how to behave around girls...maybe some of this will rub off on Rocketman?

Dance Guy is a schemer...we'll see what he comes up with next.  Just going to sit back and watch it all unfold; it's nice being able to take a break from scheming.  I am sure this is not the last of our adventures...

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