Sunday, February 22, 2009

Old Fool

Okay, the old attorney guy (aka Guy 1) from last night must be a fool. He texted me at 2:30am to say something along the lines of "If we go out, can you wear that coat you had on again?" Problems with this:
  • Text was sent at 2:30am
  • "If we go out?" Oh, so he thinks he is the one who will decide this?
  • Don't tell me what to wear...pervert
  • Does he think we are on terms where he could just text me and not say, "Hey it's Guy 1, blah blah blah." Or did he think he was the only guy I gave my number to because he is so special? I only figured out it was him because he couldn't stop gushing over my coat last night
Around noon, I get another text from old guy, this time apologizing for the 2:30am text and inviting me for drinks. Uh, hello?!?! Wooing without dinner? He's already old and therefore, severly disadvantaged. Now he want's to skip a meal? No wonder he is single; he's not in touch with reality.

Normally I would just ignore this guy for the rest of time. However, since he is a friend of a friend 3 or 4 times removed, am I supposed to respond with a nice blowoff?

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