Monday, June 12, 2017

Long Vacation

I still hear from the Ex Guy and I'm still not really talking about it because there's nothing to talk about.  I've asked myself a new question though.  Even if he did fix whatever needed to be fixed, would I even want him?  I don't think so.  The good times were so good and the bad times were so bad.

My focus has not been on dating for the last month.  I've been working on trip planning.  I am going on a long vacation this summer.  We'll visit three countries (at minimum) in Europe.  I think I usually take a vacation from dating over the summer?  It sorta seems like most of this year...


  1. As someone who lives in Western Europe and travelled al over Europe, hit me up if you need some help or tips with planning.

  2. Reading your blog is educational and also very depressing. You're very high maintenance and only have time for yourself. The good news is that you're proactively seeking spending time with your friends but your standards are too high.

  3. I totally get your frustration but you have to remember men are human not perfect robots. From what you've written if the guy isn't exactly on point you give up. But again, life is about choices and you're free to do what you want.