Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Who Didn't Matter

I haven't heard from that guy that I went out with a couple weeks ago and that's fine.  From the date, I got the sense that he was too fresh off his divorce, which was finalized not too long ago. 

Also, his followup texts rubbed me the wrong way.  Instead of suggesting we go out to dinner again, a movie, a hike, et al, he kept suggesting activities that would require a plane.  That seemed odd to me.  We just met and he was talking about trips to Europe and Asia with the closest destination being Mexico.  Sorta made me think he was just trying to get laid if he was skipping very ahead to overnight out of the country activities.  It also made me think he was just dying to get into another relationship and the who didn't matter.


  1. Check out The Rules, you actually seem really rulesy as it is. It's like a template for dating and you're free to adapt the principles. What could it hurt? Just a suggestion, love your blog.

    1. Thanks, SusieQ! I'll check it out

      Has it been working for you?

  2. I would say yes, due to it being dating sanity. Great guidelines and common sense. Really happy to hear you'll be looking into it.

  3. Eh, some of The Rules are ok, like never accepting last minute plans. But some are utterly ridiculous. For instance, break up with a guy if he doesn't buy you a romantic gift for your birthday or Valentine's day.

  4. Maybe so. Doubtful he or she cares about you romantically if they don't. A fresh perspective can help to clarify our own motives, anyway.

  5. Save yourself some time. I will list a few that already contradict each other and you will know enough.

    1. Rule 32 Don't break The Rules
    2. Rule 35 Be easy to live with
    3. Rule 22 Don't live with a man
    4. Rule 26 Even when Married, use the rules.

    Someone who follows this is nuts. And you have to do it even if your friends think they are wrong and don't discuss it with your therapist.

    These "Rules" are for desperate women who think they can shape the dating world. Even if they will "catch" someone with this, it's not on equal basis. One of the two has settled.

    You are looking for the quality of men that have a lot of options and you need to stand out. And trust me, this cannot be done by not starting to talk to them first, not calling first. There is a line between showing you are very interested and look like being desperate. That is the line you need to walk and have the looks to walk it, if you want to be with those kind of men.

  6. Well, I haven't noticed Mistah Ashley askin' fer to marry you, Miss Scarlett...

  7. The Rules work on douchey alpha guys who like playing games. Not on the kind, caring men you actually want to marry. If you want a relationship to be healthy, set boundaries and communicate what you want! Don't play games.