Saturday, July 2, 2016

Three P's

Steve Harvey wrote a book about dating.  In it, he talks about the three P's.  A guy is very serious about you when he:
  1. Professes - gives you a title, stakes his claim in front of others, et al
  2. Provides - feeds, cares for, et al
  3. Protects - self explanatory
I think there is some truth to this?  Guy I'm dating did not do any of these early on.  Now he gets worried if there's no food in my fridge or when I travel alone.  It's sweet, but not very exciting. I think I lack excitement.


  1. Steve Harvey's book was terribly written and the tone condescending to women. Were you expecting that your guy immediately start protecting you and taking care of you before his feelings developed?

    Long term relationships usually wane in excitement but they make up for it with stability. Personally I think it's way better knowing a guy is going to be consistent and loyal, rather than keep you on his toes by sometimes pulling away or being hot tempered.

    It really sounds like you are not into this guy at all. You should let him go so he can date someone who is more interested, and you can find someone who sparks that excitement you crave.

    1. Who said immediately? I've been talking to this guy for months. It's likely that I'll throw him back into the sea