Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Friends Made Me Do It

As I suspected, The Brain and the girl are over (shortly after or around Valentine's Day, also one of my predictions because he's just oh so predictable).  Went out with him for dinner and drinks.  My friends made me do it!  I wish I was kidding, I am not.  One friend said it should help me determine whether or not I want to put him on the potential list again.  Pretty sure he has not changed for the better?  I don't have more or less clarity than before I went out with him, no change at all.

Also, isn't it interesting that I was more excited to see The Brain than I have ever been to see Smart Guy?  This just means my taste in men needs improvement.

The Brain was sending mixed signals.  Walking me down memory lane while telling me he's not sure if he's ever going to get married.  Flirting with girls under my nose while trying to cozy up to me.  This could have been a jealously ploy, if so, fail.  I was reminded of his player-esque behavior.  He was drunk and I had to drive his car at the end of the night - also a convenient way of getting me to stay over his place.  He's had four different apartments since I met him and I've stayed at every single one.

Since we share a group of friends, he'll probably always be in my life.  I'll just continue what I do best, be unaffected (usually, it does occasionally bug me).  I also c*ckblock him because he does it to me (yes, childish).  When we are out girls always ask me if we are dating (remember he is rich and has a lot of girls after him); my new standard response, "We used to date and are probably dating again."  These girls have got to know something is up if we dated three years ago and are out in public together, just the two of us.

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