Saturday, June 20, 2009

Birthday Season

I thought birthday season was over? I went to a couple of birthday parties last night. It's really difficult trying to be in three different places at once.

Party 1
I think every single Asian guy in the SF bay area was present at this party. There were maybe 10 non Asian guys there, but I am willing to bet they had serious Asian fetishes. I ran into a gross dude from dance class. He is nice, but delusional if he thinks he has a shot with me (which he does believe). I met one guy who I found to be kinda interesting...we'll see if he gets a name.

Party 2
Eh, party 1 was better. No one interesting. I did tell a guy who wanted my number that he is "geographically undesirable" LOL. Yeah, if he was cute, smart, or whatever, I would be okay with it, but since he wasn't any of these...

This is exactly why I don't have many friends who are girls. I invited Vicki out to party weeks ago. She sent me about 12 texts in 5 minutes asking me about the party when she knew I didn't even go yet. Example questions:
  • What are people wearing
  • Is there a line
  • Is it okay to not be on the guestlist
  • Are you sure the bar is open til 2
  • What is the guy/girl ratio
Come on! How the f*ck would I know the answer to these questions if I didn't get to the party yet?!?!

Vicki is nice, but as I said before, I think she is getting cut. I can't deal with people who stress out easily.

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