Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ultra Fast Breakup Recovery

I think this will work for both men and women.  I highly recommend going on a date with someone new to get the ex out of your head.  Yes, it's hard, you're still sad, angry, et al, but I do believe it speeds up the breakup recovery process.  I don't know about you, but I certainly want an ultra fast breakup recovery.

Ultra Fast Breakup Recovery (1 and 2 are interchangeable steps):
  1. Go on a date.  Just go.  You don't have to think s/he's "the one."  Go with an open mind and try to have a nice time.  It's just a date
  2. Stop all communication with the ex.  Defriend the ex on facebook.  Unfollow the ex on instagram and twitter.  Ignore or block all of his/her calls/messages.  You get the idea.  Never ever reach out to the ex.  If the ex left a toothbrush at your house, throw it out, s/he can buy a new one.  If the ex left something of value at your house, mail it to him/her.  Do not see the ex.  The ex is a part of your past.  (If you want to get back together with him/her, move on with your life until s/he makes a compelling argument as to why you should give him/her the time of day.  Usually, that means fixing whatever problem that led you to wanting to break up.  You might not even want him/her back after you recover)


  1. the break up recovery is amazing. keep it up

  2. Hi Adventuresaurus girl!
    rule number one always works for me! Actually, I don't know how to move on if i don't have a distraction... however.. it backfires sometimes. What if dating someone else just makes you realize how the EX is just so much better....? umm..

  3. Eh, disagree completely with #1. All the "experts" offer this cliche advice but the truth is, sometimes you are not emotionally ready to go out with anyone else. Everyone deals with heartache differently. Sometimes it means NOT engaging in relationship behavior of any kind, but rather the opposite like going out dancing with friends, taking a solo vacation, etc.

    1. That's why #1 is good. You don't need to be emotionally ready. You just need to go to remind yourself that there are plenty of other fish in the sea.