Thursday, March 10, 2016

Dating Others

I'm getting bored of the guy I've been dating.  And, it's too complex with his kids, ex wife, et al.  He also says he understands if I'm dating others, but he's not.  I don't know if I trust him based on things from his past.

I'm going on a date with a new guy tonight.


  1. If he wants you to date others, it sounds like he's not very serious about this - but then again, you don't sound that serious either.

    Trust is really, really important though. If you cannot trust him about things from the past (presumably, things that happened before you met him?), it can be hard to move past that.

    1. I'm not too serious because it's complex. The good times are good, but there are a lot of headaches. Why not find a guy without a shady past? Yes, before me, and it's ugly

    2. The "go ahead and date others" is talk. He loses it when he thinks that's what I'm doing and then tries to book up all of my free time